portland ice storm

Portland 'Ice Tok' is making social media erupt with laughter

There are actually some people that choose to live where the air hurts your face. Sure, snow and icicles can be pretty to watch on television or even from the comfort of your own toasty living room. But it's much less serene when you have to get out in it to do non-exciting activities like go to school or work.

The people of Portland, Oregon have been dealing with the beauty of mother nature up close and personal–sometimes a little too close. After an ice storm trapped them in the house for days, people started having to venture outdoors and the results are hilarious. Residents of the iced-in city have been uploading videos of themselves and others looking a lot like a new born deer attempting to take its first steps.

One poor person was attempted to get down the a hill carrying a backpack when suddenly things took a comical turn. No matter how much the person attempted to get to their feet, they kept sliding, eventually giving up and accepting their fate. But while they were sliding their way home, their backpack came off and stopped sliding with them. No one knows if the backpack made it home or if it started a new life with the cell phone that also slipped out of the person's hand. "Legend says he's still sliding to this day," a commenter writes.


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There are a plethora of videos that include people laughing hysterically while they attempt to make their way to their destination. Lots of people resorting to crawling on their hands and knees, sliding on their bums using their feet to propel them forward and others completely out of control going wherever the ice takes them.

The poor guy below was just trying to get his groceries home. Not sure if he was ever successful:


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These two ladies gave up on attempting to walk and decided to work smarter, not harder by scooting on their bottoms getting a boost from the person behind them:


We made it!! #pdx #pdxicestorm #icestorm #2024pdx

This last person started off strong but eventually gravity got to them. Instead of trying to stand up again they decided army crawling down the icy sidewalk was the better option:


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If you have some spare time to kill, head over to TikTok and search for "IceTok" or "Portland ice storm 2024," you will not be disappointed. Be careful out there Portland, one woman says, "my neighbor tried to clear his driveway yesterday and ended up at least a half block away."