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name problems

via Pixabay

A few days ago, Marcus Vance asked a great question on Twitter and it's gone viral because of the hilarious and infuriating responses: "What's the biggest problem you have with your name?

I can totally relate to anyone who is annoyed with their name because I'm Tod with one D. This means that I have to constantly answer the question, "Where did the other D go?" It also leads to not receiving emails and tweets because someone spelled my name wrong.

My dad thought it'd be cool to name me Tod with one D because Abraham Lincoln once told his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, "If there's one D in God there should be one D in Todd."

It has also led to a subversive nickname some friends call me that makes some uncomfortable: "God."

I once walked into a crowded elevator and the operator, who I knew, greeted me with an enthusiastic "Hey God!" and everyone looked at me like I had two heads.

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Enough with my tale of woe. Here are some of the best responses to the question: "What's the biggest problem you have with your name?"