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Mom creates 'Montessori-inspired' home to increase toddler independence

Having children can present challenges that you may not always think about until it presents itself. Parents spend time preparing for a baby by baby proofing the house to make sure there's nothing dangerous that a newly exploring baby could get into. But when they become toddlers the focus shifts slightly to making the home more accessible to their little curious minds.

One mom decided that she would create a "Montessori-inspired" living space for her home to cater to her daughter's development. Roxan posted a video on social media showing how her home is set up with smaller versions of things in order to make sure her toddler can reach them. Cereal dispensers are on a small shelf that comes to the toddler's hip. There's tiny sink and soap dispenser so she can wash her hands and brush her teeth. Even the coat rack is down on the little girl's level.

The caption on the video reads in part, "Setting up a Montessori-inspired spaces at home helps your child learn and do things independently. Creating a special spot in a closet or drawer with reachable items allows them to practice everyday tasks by themselves. These prepared spaces not only promote independence but also boost confidence, making your child feel valued and included. Everything at Kalia’s height and everything in its own place ensures easy access to all her needs.Encouraging age-appropriate tasks fosters important life skills. Children thrive when they can do things on their own."

Parents in the comments were impressed with Roxan's system but expressed how expensive it looks to be. The mom pointed out that these are things you can do without going out and buying expensive play kitchens to convert.

"No need for extra furniture. Get creative with what you have, like using stools to reach the bathroom sink or placing utensils and snacks in lower cabinets. Simple adjustments can go a long way in making your home more accessible for your child," Roxan explains to another mom.

But for those who think this is extremely expensive to do, while the mom doesn't point it out, she has most of the items linked in her bio and people may be surprised at how affordable most of the things are. If you're curious at how a Montessori-inspired house could work, check out the video below.