mallory lewis and lamb chop

Lamb Chop and Mallory Lewis are creating nostalgia in Mellennials

"Lamb Chop's Play Along" taught a whole generation so many meaning for things. The little sock puppet taught kids things like manners, kindness and a really annoying song that doesn't have an ending. It'll probably be difficult to find a Millennial that doesn't know "The Song that Doesn't End" by Shari Lewis who voiced Lamb Chop.

The kids show aired from 1992 to 1997 on PBS, with Shari passing away just a year later. But turns out everyone's favorite squeaky voiced lamb wasn't done bringing people joy. Shari's daughter Mallory Lewis has taken up her mom's throne as Lamb Chops handler and the internet couldn't be more thrilled to see the duo.

Mallory has the same fiery red curly hair that her mom did and has brought Lamb Chop, Charley Horse and Hush Puppy back out to play. To the delight of Millennials, the sassy lamb is still just six years old and gets Mallory into some tricky situations when trying to explain things to the puppet.

Mallory, bearing a striking resemblance to her late mother seems to have figured out the art of ventriloquism and brought the puppets back to life. Mallory tells Today.com her mom never "taught me how to do ventriloquism. I never had to learn Lamb Chop's voice. That was just easy. I mean, you could probably imitate your uncle's voice or your aunt's voice because you grow up with it ... I had to learn some stage craft issues, but I never had to learn Lamb Chop."

No one seems to be safe from the feelings of nostalgia that come with hearing that familiar voice combing from the little lamb.

"Anyone else almost 40 and crying over this," one person writes.

"This is what I needed today. Thank you for giving us all this gift. I know I wasn’t the only one who gasped and smiled!," another says.

"Seeing an OG Lambchop come to life again brings my heart so much joy. She is one of my earliest childhood character memories," someone else reveals.

"Oh my God. I had almost forgotten how much Sherry Lewis and Lambchop were such a huge part of my childhood and how much they meant to me until I found this account and this post. Oh no. Oh no. I’ve also simultaneously remembered the song that never ends. Oh no. Oh no and I have to drive several hours with my kids today. Damn. This is gonna be interesting. Nevertheless… Zero regrets," a commenter remembers.

Mallory has been on the road with Lamb Chop for around 25 years touring the country doing two different shows. "A Lamb Chop Celebration" is a family show while "Lamb Chop Legacy Show" is a more political show for adults, according to Today.com.

Recently the legacy puppeteer discovered TikTok and Instagram is also a place she could perform with the puppets and has amassed a large following. People just can't help but to smile when Mallory comes across their feed with that familiar little puppet.

Oh, the memories hearing Lamb Chop brings back for people. The comments on each of her videos are filled with people reliving their childhood with Lamb Chop and Shari. So if you were one of those folks that used to sit crosslegged in front of a TV watching "Lamb Chop's Play Along," you'll probably get a touch of joy following Mallory's account.