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gen z befriends millennials


Gen Z is calling to befriend Millennials as they realize they're no longer the youth of today

"I just found out that apparently using the word 'slay' isn't cool, that's gross, that's cringy."

Gen Z wants to befriend Millennials due to Gen Alpha bullying

Remember when everything you did was considered "cheugy" by some kid in 8th grade that was carrying around a Hydro Flask covered in stickers dressed like a girl from the early 90s? Millennials remember and they're not quite ready to let it go. Turns out those cute little honey badgers people born in the mid 80s to early 90s gave birth to are giving Gen Z a run for their money.

The term honey badger was lovingly bestowed upon Gen Alpha by a therapist on TikTok, ThatPsychNP, that noticed their fearless take-no-crap attitude coupled with "feral empathy." It seems they've taken to making the Gen Zers feel a bit old and out of place, much like Gen Z did to Millennials.

This shift in in the generational dynamic has those barely over the age of 20 seeking an alliance with the very people they used to make fun of. My how the tides have changed in such a short amount of time.

"I've been trying to figure out what a skibidi toilet is on Youtube for the past 45 minutes. I still can't comprehend it," TikTok user Bacteriababy reveals. "I could not tell you one thing. I have not and never will use the term 'gyatt' unironically in a sentence and I also found out during my deep dive that apparently using the word 'slay' isn't cool. That's gross, that's cringy."

This is the moment that Millennials have been waiting for as they rub their hands together laughing. Or at least that's the image that comes to mind because who does Gen Z think birthed those little Sour Patch Kids? If they were truly hoping to form an alliance with the older generation, the response from Millennials surely popped any hope for that dream.

"Generation Fortnite Battle Pass would like the aid and assistance from Millennials," Mario Mirante responds, complete with ominous music by way of Mozart's Lacrimosa. "I thought we were so cringey with out Disney adult behavior, our avocado toast, our zooms our pauses. A little worried are you, about Gen Alpha?"


Millennials might just be gen zs friend after all :/ #millennial #millennials #genz #genzhumor #genzvsmillenial #genalpha #gay #lgbt

Comments under both videos hilariously play into the friendly feud, reiterating that Millennials will be of no help as their honey badgers humble their older counterparts.

"I've been called choogy far too much for an alliance. I've entered my villain mode," one person writes.

"My kids are Gen Alpha. Gen Z should be scared. I've been training these kids for years," another commenter writes.

"I remember Millennials being excited to band together with Gen Z to make the world a better place and y'all just bullied us instead," someone cries.


stitch with @bacteriababy It’s too late for an Alliance Gen Z… Good luck

"Imagine an army of Gen Alpha marching towards Gen Z, singing skibidi toilet in unison...," another person writes.

"We are the parents of Gen Alpha. We created an army that cannot be stopped," someone laughs.

Yikes, sorry Gen Z, it seems you're on your own with this battle. You teased the parents of your enemy and now they've trained them to show no mercy so hide your sticker covered Hydro Flasks and put on your big kid pants. They're coming and their Millennial parents are cheering them on. But first, coffee.