first girl in 100 years


Michigan family welcomes the first baby girl born on the dad's side of the family since 1885

"No, legitimately, we have not had a girl in our direct line in over 100 years."

Family welcomes first daughter since 1885.

There are obviously families where all of the children are the same sex, no matter how many times they tried to get the opposite. It's probably how the labels "boy mom" and "girl mom" came about. But one family in Michigan took the "boy mom" label to a different level because, for multiple generations, no one gave birth to a girl.

It sounds completely made up. So made up, in fact, that when Andrew Clark told his then-girlfriend Carolyn that his family didn't have any girls, she didn't believe him, even going as far as to confirm this story with his parents.

"I asked his parents to confirm that information and they're like, 'Oh yeah, no, we haven't had a girl in our direct line.' He's had uncles and cousins that have had girls but in his lineage, there has not been a girl," Carolyn told "Good Morning America."

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