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Woman's reselling of thrift store clothes sparks heated debate after she posts one of her hauls

Some say it's good for the environment. Others say it's taking advantage.


Depop is a popular reselling app among Gen Zers.

At its best, fashion is a fun and empowering form of self-expression. At its worst, it is one of capitalism’s most insatiable monsters—overflowing landfills, exploiting laborers and animals, and upholding outdated and unhealthy beauty standards. The fact that many of the fashion industry’s controversial practices continue to survive seems to send a clear message: When profit is the end, it justifies the means.

This is one of the reasons why a college student by the name of Jacklyn Wells became the subject of a heated debate online.

Wells (who goes by @jbwells2 on TikTok) runs her store, Jack’s Vntg, on the secondhand fashion app Depop. Back in January 2023, Wells posted a “thrift store haul” video to her TikTok account, showing off multiple skirts, dresses and vintage coats of various styles.

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