Photographer Mohamed Taher's life has been defined by three wildly different cities.

The first was his hometown of Cairo, Egypt. The second was Savanah, Georgia, home of the Savannah College of Art and Design, where Taher earned a master's degree in filmmaking and embarked on his earliest photography projects.

The third city was New York, where Taher first encountered the Ballerina Project, an ongoing photo series that features classically trained ballet dancers posing on city streets all over the world.

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The greatest wall post EVER!

It's official, Egypt's artists are revolting! When the country's President Mohamed Morsi ordered the graffiti near Tahrir Square to be cleaned up, filmmakers in Cairo caught the action on camera and a new revolution was born. If you don't speak Arabic click on CC on the bottom right hand side of the YouTube player for English subtitles. It should work, Inshallah!