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baby bears hammock

Bear cubs flipping out over a hammock

ICYMI, October has started off well for bear news. First, we had Otis, the crowned chunk and winner of the annual Fat Bear Week (yes, it's a thing). And now, we have footage of three precious little cubs, whose hammock struggles are so cute, it's almost unbearable.

According to ABC News, this #hammockfail happened in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Which leads me to think: Obviously these cubs were touring in some kind of bluegrass bear band and had been searching for a place to rest. It's the only explanation.

To be fair, hammocks are not always the easiest to hop onto, even for humans, several Twitterers pointed out:

But I think we can all agree: Watching this trio spin, flip and fall in their attempts to hoist themselves onto the hanging apparatus is infinitely more entertaining than watching a person do the same thing.

I myself was especially fond of the super-impressive-synchronized-double-bear-flip extravaganza at the end. Seriously, these bears are ready for the Olympics. 10 outta 10. I don't even care that they in no way, shape or form "stuck the landing."

I do, however, feel a tad sorry for the one bear who had made it onto the hammock successfully and was lying peacefully … until the others decided to bring chaos. I'm sure anyone with siblings can relate.

Truly, the only thing that would make this video better would be some fun sound effects. Perhaps a fun "splat" noise at the end to really drive it home? Either way, it's a video that Goldilocks herself would dub "just right."