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Fitness is a way of life to me. It is about creating a lifestyle that YOU can maintain forever 💫 This is what I tell each of my clients. “We are not doing a 8 week challenge here, we are setting a goal that is maintainable and finding a way to fit exercise and nutrition into YOUR life.” You can either let fitness consume you or light up your life ✨💙 It’s your choice and there’s plenty of ways to go about making it an element of your life rather than something that controls your daily life. Today my heart is full of love and positivity, and all that I want to do is spread that amongst everyone 🙏🏻🌍🌞 In a world filled with so much violence, hate, and negativity it is so important to have a positive mindset. 🙇🏼‍♀️ Putting 110% into each day you live and making sure to take care of your mind and body should be a priority🙌🏼 It will help YOU to continue to grow into who YOU are meant to be. Results will follow a positive mindset. So during those days where you feel there’s nothing left in you or you want to give up, PUSH THROUGH. If you continue to fight the negativity in the back of your head, you will become the person that you want to be 🤗 Tag someone who needs a little motivation to keep them pushing 💪🏼 PC: For coaching inquires email me at 💌 #smile #flex #onlinecoaching #personaltrainer #mindset #motivate #motivation #fit #fitness #life #lifestyle #bestself #inspiration #inspire #abs #gymshark #goals #happiness #happy #beautiful #weightlifting #weightloss #positivity #positivevibes #love #loveyou #loveyourself #strong #strengthfeed #strongwomen

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Anne Owens and Luke Redito / Wikimedia Commons

When Madeline Swegle was a little girl growing up in Burke, VA, she loved watching the Blue Angels zip through the sky. Her family went to see the display every time it was in town, and it was her parents' encouragement to pursue her dreams that led her to the U.S. Naval Academy in 2017.

Before beginning the intense three-year training required to become a tactical air (TACAIR) pilot, Swegle had never been in an aircraft before; piloting was simply something she was interested in. It turns out she's got a gift for it—and not only is she skilled, she finds the "exhilaration to be unmatched."

"I'm excited to have this opportunity to work harder and fly high performance jet aircraft in the fleet," Swegle said in a statement released by the Navy. "It would've been nice to see someone who looked like me in this role; I never intended to be the first. I hope it's encouraging to other people."

As Swegle's story shows, representation and equality matter. And the responsibility to advance equality for all people - especially Black Americans facing racism - falls on individuals, organizations, businesses, and governmental leadership. This clear need for equality is why P&G established the Take On Race Fund to fight for justice, advance economic opportunity, enable greater access to education and health care, and make our communities more equitable. The funds raised go directly into organizations like NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, YWCA Stand Against Racism and the United Negro College Fund, helping to level the playing field.

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