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sending random baby pictures


Woman sends her mom pictures of random babies in an effort to get her to an eye doctor

The series went on for a full week before the new grandma got suspicious.

Woman pranks mom with pictures of random babies

Every once in a while it's fun to play pranks on people you love so long as they're harmless and everyone gets to laugh, including the person being pranked. It can turn into a funny story to share with other people or you can accidentally start a never ending prank war. It's a toss up really but one that will certainly cause belly laughs.

When Emily Haswell had her first child a little over a year ago, she noticed that her mom seemed to need glasses but refused to see the eye doctor. Instead of nagging her mother who visits weekly to see her grand baby, Haswell decided she would pull a prank designed to force her mom to admit she needed glasses. The new mom decided to share the results of her prank on her social media pages.

Haswell admitted to her followers that her mother not only visited once a week to see the baby but would ask for daily pictures of her new grandchild. But instead of sending pictures of her daughter, Sadie every time, Haswell started sending pictures of random babies she found on the internet to see how long it would take for her mom to notice.

"Hi guys! My mom asks for pictures of my baby every day, she also refuses to go to the optometrist so I have decided to start sending her pictures of random white babies I find on the internet until she notices," Haswell reveals in her intro to the short lived prank series. "Just to be clear, I also send her real pictures of my baby and she sees my baby like once a week."

By day three, grandma seemed to suspect but didn't outright deny the baby that was sent was Sadie so the prank continued. It lasted a full seven days before the silly series ended but commenters were invested.

"Nah, girl. You need to double down. Something like "Wow, really, mom? Not recognizing your own granddaughter? Nice...," someone wrote.

"This is just truly chefs kiss of quick entertainment 🤌. The investment is real and heavy," another person said.

There doesn't seem to be a conclusion on the series but with a new baby, mom brain is real and we're just glad Haswell gifted us with this comical multi-day prank.