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Woman finds out her best friend has 'strange pets' in delightfully unhinged video

The pets kept getting weirder and weirder as the story goes on.

Woman's best friend reveals her secret strange pets

We tell our best friends everything, right? But even knowing your friend's deepest darkest secrets don't always prepare you for what they may reveal unprompted. For Mary Howe, she found out her best friend had a weird quirk that she just wasn't prepared to hear on their 4 AM trip to the airport. Howe's friend is a biologist, which may or may not be important information.

On the way to drop her friend off to catch her flight back out of town, the soon to be airborne bestie revealed she had to hurry home to her pet praying mantis. This information was a bit jarring for Howe but it was when she found out that the praying mantis was left out in the apartment, laid eggs on the ceiling that she started to question her friends sanity.

But the strange pet saga was just beginning in the most randomly unhinged story about pets on the internet.

"My brain was just not prepared at four in the morning to hear about how her pet praying mantis, that she found outside and brought inside, laid eggs on her ceiling and then they accidentally hatched while she was here visiting me. So now when she goes home she has to corral hundreds of baby praying mantises in her bedroom and put them back into the cage," Howe reveals.

The friend wasn't done, yet. She told Howe that she has a pet water but about three to four inches long that sometimes gets out of its cage and eats the tadpoles. At this point Howe looks frightened and maybe a bit concerned for her friend's mental stability after her friend attempts to explain why she has tadpoles in her bedroom.


My bestie is a biologist and tbh i still couldnt have guessed any of this conversation. #tooearlyforthis #prayingmantis #waterbug #why #help #foryourpage

Clearly, she is starting her own bug and amphibian petting zoo, she just hasn't gotten the permits yet. But people in the comments did not disappoint in their analysis of the best friend.

"I think your best friend needs to stop touching grass," one person writes.

"Your friend has Disney princess energy but for bugs instead of forest mammals or birds," another says.

"Bug girls are so casually unhinged," writes another commenter.

But one person asks the million dollar question, "mama...what bugs did she bring into your house." Hopefully the answer to that is none, because Howe does not look as if she is interested in keeping random yard bugs in her bedroom.