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dog hears phone call


Dog mom has the most random phone conversation that adorably captures her dog's attention

This nonsensical conversation has the puppy ready for tacos...now!

Dog mom's random conversation has dog on edge of his seat

Dogs are constantly listening even if we don't know it. Their little ears perk up anytime they hear something suspicious or tilt their heads trying to understand what's being said. Some dog owners avoid saying words like "walk," "ride" or "treat" in front of their dogs because they know it will get the dogs overly excited.

One dog mom decided to test her luck by holding a fake phone conversation while her dog was nearby and it was shared to social media by HrtWarming. The conversation was about as nonsensical as it could get because no one else was on the other end of the phone.

"Yeah, did you get the treats? Well, he specifically wanted peanut butter. Yeah. Peanut butter treats. Yeah because we're going to go for a ride later," She says. "I think we're going to go for a ride and go to daycare. Camp. Yeah."

At this point the dog is pretty invested in the conversation as he keeps tilting his head from side to side but as the random conversation goes on, he gets more excited.

The dog mom starts saying some familiar names from either doggy daycare or playdates. He was fully invested at that point. By the sounds of the conversation, he's in for a pretty busy day of eating treats, going to doggy daycare, visiting several dog buddies and his grandma. The head tilts as he figures out if he needs to go get his own leash are hysterical. In the end it was the mention of tacos that sent him running to the door even though he doesn't know what a taco is according to his mom. Commenters thought his reactions were adorable.

"I love watching the dogs reaction.,and the way he move his head, so cute," someone says.

"This is just too funny but dogs actually do know what you're talking about especially your key words walk treats grandma and the dogs that she her does she knows and this is hilarious thank you for sharing brought my day up," another commenter writes.

"It’s time you make him a taco! I love watching his face with each word he understood. So cute," someone else writes.

If one thing is clear from this video it's that he really likes a dog names Sarah and wants to try some tacos ASAP. See his adorable expressions below: