carl the crane


Demanding crane adopted humans as best friends and now he brings his children to visit

The crane taught his kids to knock on the door to get the humans to come outside.

Crane demands to be friends with humans by knocking on door

So...there's this giant bird that aggressively and incessantly knocks at your door, what's the logical thing to do? Obviously, the only right answer is to open the door and see what he wants and become besties. There really is no other answer. Your best friend is now a feather covered pterodactyl, well...crane.

That very thing happened to an unsuspecting family one day. Autumn Cochella's bestie is a crane named Carl that kept knocking on her door. Eventually the bird's persistence paid off because Cochella answered the door to see what all the urgent knocking was about. His reasoning is solid - Carl wanted to hang out.

Makes you wonder what was going through his tiny bird brain when he first decided to knock. Did he think Cochella and her husband looked like the kind of people that would enjoy the company of a crane? Is he playing the long game to get them to join his multilevel marketing team? He could be waiting for the perfect opportunity to break out the, "hey, boss babe."

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