Krystal Persaud


We all want the world to be better and what better place to start than at home? Enter: Wildgrid, an all-female team providing education and empowering women to “electrify” their homes.

Why women? Women make 91% of ALL decisions in their households. And that’s no small thing when it comes to sustainability – 20% of all carbon emissions are from our homes! Electricity, gas-burning stoves, furnaces, hot water heaters, and many more – all of these everyday appliances make a big difference in how eco-friendly our homes are.

So what is the fastest way to make major reductions in household carbon emissions? Educating and empowering women!

Creating a more energy-efficient home – called electrification – is a process that can often feel confusing and overwhelming, particularly to folks who are often marginalized in male-dominant spaces.

“In spaces with men where this kind of topic is being covered, I find myself feeling [overwhelmed]... I found it really great that it was for women,” said one Wildgrid user who took Wildgrid’s women-only education course, Voltage Vixens.

Wildgrid’s online tool is simple, intuitive, and requires no previous background in sustainability to understand. To calculate all the rebates you qualify for, visit WildgridHome.com.