Gabe Jewell


As AI makes daily headlines (and robots take over), I’ve been thinking more about the future of human work and the value of craftsmanship. Craftsmanship, the human trait that enables us to care for and love the work we produce, especially in the built environment.

Even as we make advancements and increase efficiencies in technology, the built world desperately needs more people who care about craft and want to work with their hands.

In construction specifically, the demand for housing—especially affordable housing—and safer roads and bridges is only increasing. And over 40% of skilled workers will retire in the next 10 years. We need new craftspeople more than ever. And, fast.
That’s why we started MT Copeland: to capture the craftsmanship seen in the built world around us (our homes, our workplaces, our cities), and help anyone learn directly from experienced professionals. We help craftspeople teach the skills they use on the job every day, and inspire others to make a career move into skilled careers. Carpenters, entrepreneurs building homes, painters, and even first-time homeowners can now use methods from generations past to make projects better.

The attention to detail in drywall, painting, or cabinet making requires a unique combination of technical prowess, problem-solving abilities, and an artistic eye. It’s the kind of work made only possible by human touch. Just when it starts to feel like everything’s destined to be automated, remember: some things simply must be made by human hands.

For a long time in America, the cultural perception of skilled workers has been that they’re working “worse jobs” than people in offices. But, the average plumber makes over $60,000 a year. Experienced plumbers double that. And if you want to own your own plumbing company, the sky’s the limit.

A skill like plumbing can be taught (and without an advanced degree! Or college debt!) but we need to pass down both the knowledge, and the spirit of excellence. That’s what we’re excited to be working on at MT Copeland: helping our next generation continue to build something real.

To try MT Copeland, visit www.mtcopeland.com.