Everything that was wrong with 'We Are the World' they got right in this celebrity music project.

I love this video because (1) the music makes me happy, and (2) it's a breath of fresh air amid the "let's have compassion for Africa and send them donations" appeals.I confess that when I was 13, I was totally enchanted by Diana Ross and Cyndi Lauper singing "We Are the World" to raise money for Africa. But finding ways to get behind systemic change instead of feel-good generosity is what's really needed ... and that's exactly what these artists are going for.

All 7 Billion
Courtesy of Chef El-Amin

When non-essential businesses in NYC were ordered to close in March, restaurants across the five boroughs were tasked to pivot fast or risk shuttering their doors for good.

The impact on the city's once vibrant restaurant scene was immediate and devastating. A national survey found that 250,000 people were laid off within 22 days and almost $2 billion in revenue was lost. And soon, numerous restaurant closures became permanent as the pandemic raged on and businesses were unable to keep up with rent and utility payments.

Hot Bread Kitchen, a New York City-based nonprofit and incubator that has assisted more than 275 local businesses in the food industry, knew they needed to support their affiliated businesses in a new light to navigate the financial complexities of shifting business models and applying for loans.

According to Hot Bread Kitchen's CEO Shaolee Sen, shortly after the shutdown began, a third of restaurant workers that they support had been laid off and another third were furloughed.

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