dog can t go up stairs

Puppy can't seem to figure out stairs in amusing video

Everyone is new to Earth at some point in their lives. There's just no getting around it. Whether you're a human, a pig or an ant, at some point you were either hatched or born into a place that already existed before you arrived so you spend a little bit of time figuring things out. Granted, human children take a little longer to get the lay of the land, but that, "I'm new here" experience doesn't end with homosapiens.

One Australian Sheppard puppy found out in the most amusing way possible that some stairs are a little trickier than others to navigate. Robin Bilby shared a video to social media of the spotted pup, named King attempting to follow his older dog siblings up the basement steps but somehow kept winding up back at the bottom. He was very determined and so was his tiny herd.

Every time he wound up right where he started, his siblings would run back down the stairs to try again.

They were attempting to show the confused puppy how to get up the steps but he just couldn't do it. If you've ever been in a basement then you likely know that many basement steps don't have backs to them so King was just getting up two steps then diving through the opening.

Surely, he thought he was making progress but there were about 10 more stairs he needed to climb.

The brown dog vocally expressed her frustration as she repeatedly walked the steps to show him how to do the seemingly easy task. The video has gone mega viral with over 4.6 million likes and more than 28.9 million views. Commenters were amused by King's confusion but also felt sorry for the little guy.

"King is going places. Not upstairs, but places," someone writes.

"The one teaching was like 'just stop and pay attention, I swear if you jump through the stairs again...," one person comments with a crying laughing emoji.

"Other dogs: KING!!! Why do we have to go through this every day with you?? King: I KEEP GETTING SUCKED INTO THE PORTAL!!!," a commenter jokes.

Poor puppy, so glad he finally figured it out even if the dog teaching him was ready to pick him up and carry him up the steps. You can watch his journey through the portal below.


King is trying to figure out how the basement stairs work. 😂 #australianshepherdsoftiktok #puppiesoftiktok #puppytraining @frankbilby1