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Informed society, equality, sustainability, empowerment, and healthy living

Upworthy draws massive amounts of attention to things that matter. Every day, our curators scour the web to find compelling, meaningful media — stories, information, videos, graphics, and ideas that reward you deeply for the time you spend with them.

We share the best stuff with the Upworthy community, and they share it on to their friends and families, engaging a total of about 50 million people each month on some of society's most important topics.

Our Story

The landscape has shifted

As people spend less time with newspapers and more time with news feeds, the stories most important to our world are getting lost.

Landscape has shifted

There's an attention war

The cold truth of climate change is going head-to-head in the news feed with movie stars, selfies, and cat videos. And not winning very often.

Attention war

Upworthy helps meaningful stories win

So, what do we find meaningful? Well, a lot. Including: ensuring that women are seen as full human beings, poking holes in the belief that a small percentage of the world should own all the things, making sure the Earth is around to see the next century, and fighting attempts to make the Internet any less free and unfettered than it was built to be.

Fighting with meaning

Case Study

We focus on content that educates and inspires while being as rich and compelling as the best viral videos on the web. And sometimes a piece of content goes even further, creating real, measurable impact.

So what does it look like when Upworthy's working? Here's the story of an amazing company called Goldieblox and how Upworthy gave it a much-needed push...


We partner with foundations, nonprofits, and forward-thinking brands on the stuff that matters to them. We call it Upworthy Collaborations.

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