Let's Team UP to Right Wrong.

Calling all brands:

Look around: The world is full of wrongs.

Happily, there’s a right for every one of them, if you have the courage to jump in.

Right overcharged. Right underappreciated. Right bad food. Right bad pet food. Right environmentally unfriendly. (Let’s say it again: Right environmentally unfriendly.) Right the embarrassment of our teeth, feet, and hair. Right ugly design. Right ugly, period.

Right bland, boring, and blah everywhere.

Wrongs need right.
Right needs brands.
To pick a fight with the status quo.
Knock heads with the broken.
Make a difference, one believer at a time.
There’s a wrong that’s ready to make right.

You in?

Right Wrong

Upworthy + GOOD and the audience that matters most

GOOD and Upworthy recently joined forces. Together we reach the most valuable audience: educated, affluent millennials who give a damn. These are engaged, conscious consumers who care about the brands they support and the media they read and watch.

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A new process to right wrong: for your brand, your consumers, and the world

The best brands know their audiences and are relentless in making things right for them. And they know that taking a stand — smartly and authentically — drives love, loyalty, and sales in powerful ways.

The Right Wrong Activation Loop

The Right Wrong Activation Loop

We’ve created an activation process as dynamic as the Right Wrong belief. A process that’s continuous and ongoing. One that leverages our combined strengths across a full spectrum, from idea generation to idea distribution and back again.

We bring together best-in-class creative with data-driven social expertise.


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