What Are "Ads We Like"?

At Upworthy, our mission is to lift up stuff that matters using evocative media. We look for visual content that is both meaningful and shareable (that's the definition of "Upworthy") and curate the things that have the best chance of going viral.

Sometimes, partners approach us with ads or other original content that they'd like our help promoting widely. In each case, we first evaluate the video or graphic for Upworthiness, and then if it passes muster, a curator writes it up and we share it with our community.

To be clear: These are paid business relationships, and we disclose that these posts are ads with an “Ads We Like” flag everywhere they appear on Upworthy.com. But we only accept these deals when the content itself seems meaningful to us, and when we believe it doesn't obscure the true nature of the organization that's promoting it. (That is: No greenwashing.)

If you have thoughts on the "Ads We Like" program, please contact us. To discuss advertising or sponsorship opportunities, please click here.