How We Work With Partners: Promoted Content & Sponsored Content On Upworthy

The standard posture for publishers on the web is to remain neutral on the kind of partnerships you enter into on your site. As a media company that often calls out the advertising industry's worst practices, we didn't really think that'd work for us. So we decided to go our own way with something we're calling Upworthy Collaborations.

We work directly with brands and organizations on an issue or set of issues that matter to them and to our world. This will result, we hope, in an experience that feels as engaging and meaningful as anything else you'd find on Upworthy - except it will be clearly labeled with the brand or organization that paid for it.

Here’s what you’ll see from our work with partners:

  • Promoted Content: This is original, advertising content that comes from our partners directly and that we are paid to promote. In some instances, it may even be content we helped create for them. In every instance, we help partners optimize and frame their promoted content on Upworthy. Each and every piece of Promoted Content on Upworthy is clearly labeled as such. Examples of Promoted Content can be found here and here.
  • Sponsored Content: This is editorial content that we find and curate from around the web, and then optimize, frame, and deliver to our community on a partner’s behalf. In other words, it is not original, advertising content from our partners. Sponsored Content is always specifically disclosed as such. Examples of Sponsored Content can be found here and here.

Many of our partnerships feature a combination of Promoted Content and Sponsored Content (here, for example).

If you’d like to learn more about Upworthy Collaborations, please click here.