10 things that made us smile this week

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Looking for a reason to smile? We've got 10 of 'em.

Hey all!

This week's list of smile-worthy finds is filled with good old-fashioned goodness. If you're looking for a little pick-me-up, take a scroll will us through all kinds of human kindness, a whole bunch of wholesome hilarity and oodles of adorable awesomeness.

We hope this roundup brings you as much delight as it did us. Enjoy!

1. Sweet kid playing ding-dong ditch shares positive affirmations on stranger's door camera


Random acts of kindness ❤️

"You matter, okay?' What a sweetheart. Well done, parents, whoever you are. (Read the full story here.)

2. A very pregnant Jessie J bonded with her pregnant fans at a concert in the sweetest way

The way to a pregnant woman's heart is through snacks, there's no doubt about it. What a lovely, lovely moment.

3. Little girl has a blast with TikTok aging filter, serving as inspiration for us all


The way she knew exactly what to do with this filter 😭😂 95 and 5 all at once.

What if we all had this much fun with aging, rather than freaking out when we see a wrinkle? Read the full story here.

4. Speaking of fun with aging, this woman's reaction to finding out she's going to be 100 is so wholesome and relatable

None of us feel as old as we really are once we're well into adulthood, but we can stay young at heart. (And apparently young in face—what the heck is her skincare regime?!?) Watch this delightful woman celebrate her 100th birthday here.

5. Sweet kid keeps getting free donuts, and when you see him tell the story, it's not hard to see why

Give Jack all the donuts. All of 'em.

6. Margot Robbie was elated to speak with a deaf fan in Australian sign language

The "Barbie" star is the woman of the moment, for sure, and this endearing moment just made people fall even more head over heels for her. Read the full story here.

7. Public Service Announcement: Earth is a ravioli. I repeat, Earth is a ravioli.

Technically speaking, seems accurate.

8. Behold the purest, most wholesome f-bomb you will ever see

As a former teacher, I applaud this kiddo for his grasp of phonics. It's not like "certificate" is easy to spell, and what a lovely gift for his brother (and his parents, who will tell this story forever).

9. Smoochiest pooch gives the quickest, sneakiest kisses

"What? I didn't do anything."

10. Watch a Dreamer and her family find out she passed her nursing exam (and maybe grab a tissue):

These kinds of videos never get old. You can clearly see the amount of hard work and support that went into her success and how proud her family is of what she's accomplished.

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