You Won't Guess How One Ingredient In Your Doughnuts Could Be Leaving Thousands Of People Homeless

Andrea Garcia-Vargas

Some of the things we buy have a common ingredient that's causing many people to lose their homes. Wait, hold on — I'm not asking you to boycott your doughnuts! I'm not asking you to cut this ingredient out of your diet ... or your shampoo or any of the products you buy. All I ask is that you find out where it comes from.

In the first seven minutes, the video shows the human faces of those who've lost their homes, with one man at 4:47 explaining how he was able to defy the odds and get his home back. At 6:55, the video names a few companies willing to make a change, so you can make sure you're only supporting companies committed to making the world better.

Reporter: This satellite picture from NASA shows the scale of the cloud of smoke reaching from Indonesia across to Singapore and Malaysia. By zooming in, the authorities can actually see the fires. And they have already blamed eight companies have been clearing forests to make way for plantations. The fires are designed to prepare the ground, to cultivate palm oil. This kind of burning is against the law, but it's rarely enforced.

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