I am just tickled pink that the Upworthy audience (ummm, hi, that's YOU) joined together to be instrumental to an important new movement like this. I think the overwhelming support you showed actually indicates a hunger for a kinder, more reasonable dialogue about abortion, and that's going to lead to all kinds of good. In case you didn't see the first piece we posted, this is what all the fuss is about.

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Rebekah Fergusson: Last year, I began documenting a group of women traveling across the country to change the way we talk about abortion.

Your support took us even further: to more cities and states, capturing conversations, moments between strangers, and the stories that bridge one of the most divided and contentious issues.

Aspen Baker: We're taking you behind the outrage and behind the shouting to introduce you to people from all walks of life who are doing their part, to their own communities and our nation, far beyond this conflict.

And we are so thrilled to partner with Rebekah Fergusson to bring you these inspiring stories. Thanks, Upworthy, for supporting our project and the possibility for change that it represents.

Kate Hindman: A huge thank you to Upworthy for putting a spotlight on the Pro Voice Project and to everyone who contributed and gave support on Facebook, online ...

Ronak Davé Okoye: ... on watching our Kickstarter video, to sharing on Facebook and liking, tweeting.

Kassi Underwood: You're helping us show everybody who's experienced abortion that we are with them.

Rebekah Fergusson: Thanks, Upworthy.

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The revolutionary thinkers over at Exhale Pro-Voice are to thank for this blossoming movement. If you're in need of after-abortion support from a judgment-free soul, they're your people.

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