Why Martin Luther King Jr. Might Have Been Offended By Barack Obama’s Second Inauguration

President Obama placed his hand upon a Bible used by Martin Luther King Jr. during his second inauguration. In a passionate speech, watch as philosopher and professor Cornel West says how this simple act glossed over Dr. King’s incredible message of peace.

At 0:44, he boils down why this seemingly harmless act bothered him, think of this as his thesis for the next few minutes. 

At 1:10, learn about the three crimes against humanity MLK wrestled with, two of which you might not know as much about.

At 2:10, West talks about why this is personal for him.

At 2:38, he wants to know what MLK would say about “the new Jim Crow laws.”

At 2:48, he talks about who he thinks should be jailed.

At 3:25, he says how Obama is taming MLK’s message and challenge.

In case you think he doesn’t like the President, at 3:48, he talks about being glad that Obama won the election.

At 4:00, he discusses what it means to use (and abuse) tradition.

And don’t stop until you reach 4:55, so you can see how he makes Newt Gingrich uncomfortable.

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