Here's that video of the Baltimore Police Department's "Happy" moment. (Congrats on your 50,000th Twitter follower!)

I'm aware that not all cops are sadistic jerks. But when the people you're supposed to serve don't trust you — when they're afraid of you, even — that's a big problem that the department should fundamentally fix, not just glaze over with image ploys on social media. To be honest, the Baltimore P.D. should be thankful for the feedback.

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On June 30,2014, the Baltimore City Police Department released a video o celebrate surpassing 50,000 followers on Twitter.

Twitter Audio Report Baltimore police @ Baltimore police 32,472 Real 17,712 Fake Followers Search Public Records

City Paper appreciates the work and spirit that went into the "Happy" video. But we would remind the department that media and image management is, like catching criminals, work for professionals.

As all Baltimoreans know, members of the Baltimore Police Department have a long and recent record of shooting unarmed suspects, fellow officers, and even themselves. They have lately rather over-done things in the animal-dispatching department as well.

We hope the Baltimore Police Department is improving its internal discipline, psychological counselling and use-of-force policies with as much vigor and spirit as it has applied to its media strategy.

With that in mind, we hope City Paper's quarter million readers will enjoy this rejoinder video depicting another side of the BPD story.

It might seem nuts what I'm about to do.

PET OWNER ANGRY POLICE SHOT HER DOG Police say the officer acted in self-defense

Gonna rip his guts out cut him in two

I'm a hot-head cop up in your face

What you think is fair like I don't care baby by the way

Cuz I'm trigger happy

Lock & load if you feel like making something to beam

SHOOTING April 30, 2014, 3:20 PM

Lock & load if you feel like putting someone in tomb Lock & load if you know how to do what you gotta do

Lock & load if you feel like that's what you wanna do Breaking news update Police officer identified in animal cruelty case Jeffrey Bolger has been on the force for 22 years

"an eyewitness overheard the officer say 'I'm going to fucking gut this thing."

Her comes IAD talkin this and that

Prosecutors interviewing witnesses to Mount Vernon police shooting

Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts Baltimore Police Department

LEO Bill of Rights gonna hold ya back. YE AH

Nothing done on duty can be a crime


News: Prosecutors cautious in police shootings.

Man dies in South Baltimore police shooting

Shot self claimed a black man did it Anthony Fata,
Courtesy: Facebook

"At the apparent tried to use issue to get benefit They're also charge with two counts of misconduct."
HI-FI 2:37 PM

News, Man, 21, fatally shot by police in North Baltimore Man grazed in police shooting in West Baltimore

News, Police shoot man near hospital By Baltimore Sun reporter/ January 27, 2010

News,prosecutor's won't seek charges in police shooting

News and information about personal injury lawsuits Baltimore police wrongful death lawsuit results in $7.4 Verdict

Commission: Lack of supervision,training led to police shooting

News, Mayor promises outside review of police shooting News, police-on-police shootings spark reform

News, Officer in two police-involved shootings this week identified

Video of police shooting of plainclothes officer is released

City to settle excessive force cases against police Board of Estimates expected to dip into a city' multi-million dollar settlement fund to end the lawsuits

"Thank you for helping both of them man safe."
Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts BALTIMORE POLICE DEPARTMENT

The News Hole Cop kills girlfriend's puppy; charged with felony By: Edward Erickson Jr.

Police: "Boy, you're just a second thing think back in my department you understand me? When I'm talking to you shut your mouth and you listen."

Police: "Hey number, Oh my dog that number, ah ah ay you stop hey you oh my dog that number oh my dog that number ya ya ya"

Thermo chilah is Lyrics: Edward Ericson Jr. Audio mix: Alan Savage Vid mix:the innerwebs Apologies to: Pharrell Williams

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Original by J.M. Giordano, found on Baltimore's City Paper. The second video was by the Baltimore Police Department. If police misconduct is a problem in your neighborhood and you want to help keep them accountable, get it on record and go deeper with the ACLU's community action manual.

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