Why Would Someone On Food Stamps Have An iPhone?

This unfair meme is not new to the Internet. In fact, I've seen it pass through my news feeds in one form or another for several years. Until now, I've bitten my tongue and wondered why this is even an issue for some. Take a little time to read these comments because they are from people who have real-life stories of why nice things are not exclusive to the wealthy.


I first saw this post on Tumblr from japanerd1 and traced the links back to what seems to be the original poster, thegodlessatheist, which is now an inactive page. However, many of the commenters' pages are still live, leading us to believe the conversation is still alive and well. Do you have information about where this meme started? Tweet me so we can give proper credit! Thumbnail image via Thinkstock.

Jun 13, 2014

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