What It Means That An ‘Old Fat White Guy From Dallas’ Supports LGBTQ Folks

The sports anchor from Dallas who ripped the NFL a new one recently over its response to Michael Sam's coming out got a lightning-fast invitation to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." He's just as sharp in person as he was during the viral clip (link below).

The first few minutes are intros and the like. If you want to jump to the meat of it, start around 2:10.

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Ellen: From Dallas, Texas, please welcome Sports Anchor Dale Hansen.

Dale: I saw you at the Improv in Dallas, a long time ago. You haven't changed a single bit, and it's driving me nuts.

Ellen: Oh, thank you. I played there many times, at the Dallas Improv, and it was a very wonderful place to play. First of all, you are an amazing man, and it was brilliantly written, and brilliantly delivered.

Dale: Thank you.

I saw this yesterday. We called you, and you got on a plane, immediately, to be here today. So thank you, very much, for being here.

It wasn't like I was going to turn down maybe the greatest thing that's ever happened to me in my life. And seriously, the greatest thing that's ever happened to my wife. My wife went absolutely nuts.

We've been fans of yours, as I mentioned, seeing you in your stand-up; my wife watches your show every day. I called her and she went absolutely crazy.

And she's here. I'm sorry, what's your name?

Chris: Chris.

Hi, Chris, thank you very much. What a guy!

I imagine you are marvelous, as well, because you're together. But really, what an amazing man this is. You have to be proud of him.

I am so proud of him. I just [smooch], greatest Valentine gift in the world, to be on "Ellen." I just love this moment; I watch you every day. In fact, yesterday, and this is not a lie. I was watching your show, and I said, "She would love Dale's commentary."

And it wasn't two hours later, I'm driving around Waxahatchie in my truck. He calls me and he goes, "Chris, somebody that gets the highest Tweeter following - I don't say that right - Highest Twitter following, and guess who it is?" I said, "President Obama?"

He goes, "No, Ellen!" I went, "I can't believe it. I was thinking of her today." So, thank you, so much.

It did get me nominated for Husband of the Decade.


And I'm working on the Millennium. I thank you for giving the cheapest Valentine's Day gift I've ever given her.

Well, it's my ...

All paid for by The Ellen Show.

All because you did something that was a good deed.


And so far, I mean, we posted it and then Michael Sam re-Tweeted it, as we speak. I'm sure it's going to go up; it's up to about 3,000,000 views, right now. And people are passing it around on Facebook.

What you said, like I said, it was so great. Why did you decide to do that.

I wanted to do it because it's such a great story in so many ways. I mean, you've got the best defensive player, in the best football conference in America, coming out gay, with that issue we've been fighting about for too long.

And then wanting to play in the most dominant game, in America, in the NFL. I just thought it touched so many people. I appreciate your kind words. It wasn't a brave thing; it wasn't a great thing I did. The brave thing, and the great thing was what Michael Sam did.

I agree; I agree.


But it was great what you did. I think what was so great, it was so eloquent. It was written so well, and you know, you say you're not always comfortable if a man says he's gay around you, because you don't really understand it. But you have to accept people's differences.

Then that's where the hypocrisy of this whole argument just drove me nuts. I mean I'm uncomfortable when a 7' 2" guy from the NBA comes into my office. I'm uncomfortable there, sometimes.


But I wanted to say that. I was a little concerned about that line, that it would be misunderstood. But I wanted to show people that I was speaking from my heart, and I was being as honest as I could. And I just wanted to slam the hypocrisy of the NFL.

I was shocked, quite honestly. I've gotten calls from Christians, some who don't like me now. But from atheists, old people, young people, black, white, Jewish, Catholic, every spectrum of America, and almost every state in the Union has called. The response has been incredibly, overwhelmingly positive, that I think there's a pretty good future. It's not for me. There's a pretty good future for my children and my grandchildren.

Well, speaking as a gay person, we really do need people like you. We need heterosexual people who speak out and say, "This is not okay." Because I can only do so much, and say so much, but we need help from other people.

I've heard this, and I think there's a compliment in there somewhere, but I've had several people, today, telling me that "We were really impressed, and we were really surprised that an old, fat, white guy from Dallas, Texas, would say this."

I'd like to think there's a compliment in there, somewhere. But I think there is something to be said for that. I think a lot of people who saw it and were hesitant about what I was going to say, painted me with that same, stereotype brush.

Um hmm.

They just automatically assumed that a Michael Sam can't play in the NFL if he's gay. They automatically assume that an old, fat, white guy from Texas would be opposed to that. I think we're slowly breaking down these barriers, on both sides.

Yes, I agree, I agree.

Two more things. We had to edit it; you'll see it on our website. Hopefully people are passing this around on Facebook, because it's brilliant. He says many, many other things, but I would love you to paraphrase, basically, what we didn't say, but what you said in there.

I was talking about the fact in the piece that you saw, about the fact that it wasn't that long ago that black players were said to be making us uncomfortable. I wrote this, that so many of the same people who used to make that argument, and the many who still do, are the same people who say that government should stay out of our lives. But they want government in our bedrooms.

I don't understand how they lay claim to both sides of the same argument. They want us to tell people that a loving man cannot marry a loving man, a woman cannot marry a woman, what a woman can do with her own body. The argument just drives me nuts.

It's the same hypocrisy that set me off with the NFL's argument. And I've gotten some criticism for that, from some of the conservatives in Texas. But I stand by it.

Yes, it is hypocrisy.

It's absolute hypocrisy.

All right. I want to help you give your wife another Valentine's Day gift.

Really? Yes.

Not only was this probably enough for her, but we want you to come back for one of our 12 Days of Giveaways.

Oh, my gosh!

I'll see you again! We'll be back.

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This one is by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," and it's on their YouTube channel. Here's the original viral two-minute clip that Dale Hansen did on Dallas television.

Feb 18, 2014

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