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  • 2:32-3:07: We meet Ola, her mother, and a delicious-looking German chocolate cake. 
  • 3:16-3:40: We meet Erika, her mother, and some homemade tamales. 
  • 3:44-5:02: We meet Alejandro and his best friend, and hear about his dream. 
  • 5:05-6:25: We meet Jose, his parrots, and his dust-gathering diploma. 
  • 7:00: We start hearing about the start of a very courageous movement. 
  • 9:40: We hear about an incredible march from Florida to Washington, D.C. 
  • 10:15-10:35: We witness incredibly brave acts that most of us couldn’t fathom. 
  • 11:05-12:40: They suffer a disheartening setback (and Glenn Beck rubs salt in the wound). 
  • 13:34-15:41: We hear Joaquin’s heartbreaking story. 
  • 15:50: They push a president to do the right thing. 
  • 18:00-19:19: Just as things are looking up for Erika and Ola, things take a turn for the worse. 
  • 23:00-26:50: They don’t take it lying down. 
  • 27:00: Stay calm: That feeling coursing through your body is your soul being stirred.

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