3 Guys Pull A Prank So Hard They Might Die For It

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In Pakistan, the powerful army scarcely brooks much dissent, and certain generals are perceived as above the law. So for these three young men to release this video criticizing the army... well, it is political satire, but the very end is downright chilling.

UPDATE: Receiving reports on Twitter that this video is now blocked in Pakistan. Want to fight censorship? Share it now.

These guys took some serious risks to make this, and Pakistani television won't air it. So share it?

ORIGINAL: "Dhinak Dhinak" by Beygairat Brigade, which means "Shameless Brigade" or "Brigade Without Honor" in Urdu. Found on Twitter, circulating among journalists in Pakistan. For more background on the video, read these articles in The Telegraph and The Express Tribune. By the way, there's a major parliamentary election on May 11, 2013 and the Taliban are killing secular party members, making it unsafe to campaign for elected office.

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