This Pink-Haired Narcissist Has Something To Teach Us About Being A Good Person

This man’s grandpa was a Baptist minister and civil rights advocate who inspired his grandson—the guy with pink hair — to take a bold, open approach to the world. The life lessons are all in the stories, so you’ll have to watch to learn such things as:

- Why Martin Luther King Jr. maybe isn’t like Santa Claus. 1:00
- How his grandfather’s trip to SavOn changed his life. 4:40
- What the opposite of paranoia is. 6:50
- The “Crap Or Cone” philosophy of life. 7:15  
- What it’s like to free a human slave. 9:30
- How to be a good person even if you’re not a hippie. 11:30  
- How being a selfish cocky bastard makes you happy. 12:30

And don’t forget the last two minutes, when you’ll see what he does with his grandfather’s ashes and an old RV. Also see a video of his grandfather preaching in fuzzy pink wings. 

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