These Elderly Folks Were Just Schooled By A Bunch Of Teens, And It’s About Time

In our fast-paced digital world, the generation gap has never been wider. These super awesome teens used technology to bridge that gap. When they took it one step further by connecting them with the rest of the world ... I couldn’t stop smiling.

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Female: Is there anything you would want to learn from the Internet?

Female: Could you explain a bit about this Face, uh. . .

Male: Facebook.

Female: Face-something and you're having to be a friend?

Female: I typed in

Male: Yeah, that's the problem.

Female: Have you ever heard of YouTube?

Female: Yes, I've heard of it, but I've no clue as to what it means.

Female: How many people here have used a computer?


Female: Well, we have some teenage volunteers, who are willing to teach you how to use the Internet.

Female: I think I'm too old.

Female: Hope you have lots of patience, Henry.

Female: Today, we're going to go on Facebook. Do you remember how to get there?

Male: Well, I think I just. . . no. [laughs]

Female: All these things that I never even dreamed about!

Female: I love it.

Female: Welcome to a whole new world of information.

Male: Every time we're together, Sherry just wants to watch cooking tutorials on YouTube.

Female: There's a big game called Minecraft. Maybe we could cook something that looks like one of the characters in Minecraft.

Female: Hi, everybody on YouTube!

Female: We should have you doing a music video.

Female: My teeth are as fresh as hot popped corn. My O. G. Teeth.

Female: All of the other seniors are so inspired, so we're going to have a contest, to see who gets the most views of their YouTube video.

Female: Hello, YouTube.

Female: Hello, YouTube.

Female: Hello, YouTube.

Female: Today, we are talking about travel.

Female: Music.

Female: Sisterhood.

Female: Milly and Evelyn's is beating mine! I need more hits on YouTube.

Female: This is the big moment that you've all been waiting for. The first prize winners of the cyber-seniors competition, goes to. . .

Female: We all know how difficult it is to learn something new but we really do feel that it can change your life.

Female: So, you got a friend request from. . .

Female: Ellard Yeo? Who's he?

Male: He's in the same program.

Female: Hold on a second, you got a message. Sure, Edie. Hello, Ellard.

Female: Oh, dear.

Female: Look at here. Ellard is typing.

Female: Oh, hello, Ellard! Hello, Shara

Female: Megan said, thank the people who taught you.

Male: You're welcome.

Female: Love you.

Male: They see a program like this and they think it's an opportunity, to get in touch with their grand kids and to communicate.

Female: No matter how old we are, we do need a purpose for getting up in the morning.

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Check out the original trailer of this heartwarming documentary, "Cyber-Seniors." You can tweet them at @cyberseniors. They’re probably checking to see how many followers they have. ;)

Jun 09, 2014

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