That One Body Part We're Too Scared To Talk About Isn't Really That Scary

Attention! There's nothing weird about periods or vaginas! Whew! That. Felt. Incredible. And kinda scary?

In this clip, Kat Lazo goes out in NYC to talk to women about their bodies and find out why we're so afraid of the word "vagina."

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Kat: I started my own video blog on YouTube its called The Kat's Meow because I'm Kat. So, it seems to me like this is a taboo subject. Vaginas? Taboo? No bueno! So, I thought to myself, why not go out, ask a few people some questions, you know, to get the conversation started and this is what happened.

Hello Hello! Do you guys have a moment? My name is Kat, nice to meet you. Is it cool if I ask you a couple questions? Okay, it's super simple. I'm just going to say a word and you just tell me the first things that comes to mind.

Female: Okay.

Kat: Sounds cool? Head.

Female: Toes.


Female: Boogers

Kat: Hand.

Female: Bracelet

Kat: Shoulders.

Female: Shoulder pads.

Kat: Vagina.

Female: Ew...

Kat: Vagina...

[grossed out sounds]

Kat: Vagina...


Kat: They can't even hear the word vagina. They like close their ears and they're like "No..."

Female: The secrets out , you have a vagina.

Kat: I can't understand why we can't talk about this if we both have one, its not like this secret. Are you guys comfortable speaking about your period?

Female: Its kinda, you know, kept down in this society, so...

Female: Because we've never been encouraged to talk about it.

Kat: I'm encouraging you to talk about your vagina. [laughter] I want to be the person who starts the conversation, allows other girls to see like hey, if she's confident, then why don't I do the same thing?

Kat: Do you guys have any embarassing period stories?

Female: I freaked out because I had no idea what was happening and I had to wear this giant pad.

Kat: It's like, no one's willing to talk about it. If you have questions, does it make it hard to get answers?

Female: Well, no one ever talked to me about my vagina before, so then I had so many questions.

Female: Do you shave it? Do you wax it?

Kat: What's going to happen? When it's going to come?


Female: It's like this little secret society when you start your period, like, you don't talk about it.

Female: You whispered it to your girlfriends and you didn't want the boys to know.

Female: I'm very good at hiding things.

Kat: You take your tampon and you shove it in to your clothes and you really hide it to go to the bathroom.

Kat: So, I'm going to ask you a question. Do you guys like your vagina? [laughs]

Female: No.

Female: It's messy.

Kat: Have you ever taken time to look at yourself in the mirror? Like, see what you actually look like?

Female: My God, is that what it looks like?


Kat: It affects young girl's self esteem because if you fear talking about it, then you actually fear your vagina itself. What do you think we can do as confident women to like, help others like speak up and feel comfortable about their own bodies?

Female: If they see us comfortable, they'll probably be like, why can't we be like that?

Female: It happens to every girl and yet, it does make me feel this uncomfortable. I guess it does make sense if we start talking about it.

Female: I'm having a conversation here with a complete stranger, so I guess I can go back home and start that.

Kat: If we had more women who were confident or who spoke out about it, it wouldn't be so taboo, it wouldn't be this hush, hush conversation.

Female: Just with one question it doesn't seem that hard.

Kat: Sixty three percent of girls don't even know how to start a conversation about vaginal health. You're gonna go to your friend and you're gonna go to your friend and we're gonna start this huge conversation about our bodies and our periods and it will be okay.

Female: When you buy Kotex, you can change this. Join Kat's project. All you have to do is ask one question.

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Now don't freak out or anything, but this video featuring Kat Lazo is part of the U by Kotex Generation Know campaign. But there's no paid advertising going on in here. So be cool. Generation Know is all about changing the way people think about periods and vaginas, which is pretty cool.

May 29, 2014

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