Stop It. Seriously, Just Stop. Just Put That Phone Down For A Few Minutes. No Selfies. No Nothing.

Matt Orr

Having the power to change the world is a heck of a lot of responsibility, and guess who is holding some of that control? You! Yay!! Now go watch this video or at the very least share it with friends. Put your phone down for a bit (I do this while I sleep, so I don't miss anything), and when you come back to the wonderful world of connectivity, you can feel good about shifting the world just a little.

Unfortunately, it looks like UNICEF has discontinued this app. But you can still put your phone down and live your life! And you can still help UNICEF!

Narrator: We're obsessed with our cell phones. Sometimes for good reasons, other times we check for likes, and check and check. Or read intriguing articles about, well, never mind. And have you been out to dinner lately? We think we can't live without our phones, so why don't we use them to help provide something people actually can't live without, clean water.

At, you can do just that. Give clean water to a child in need by taking a challenge to not touch your phone. The longer you go without your phone, the more you can help UNICEF provide clean water for children. In fact, 10 minutes can provide a child with clean water for a day, so every minute counts.

Keep going. When you can't resist any longer, our sponsors and donors will make a donation to the UNICEF Tap Project based on the time you went without your phone. At this point, you can make an even bigger difference by making a donation yourself, as little as $5, and provide a child with clean water for 200 days.

The fact that millions of children still live without something as basic as clean water is hard to put in perspective. So take a moment to reflect by going without something far less vital than water, your cell phone, at

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