A Politician Went On Fox News To Debate With Sean Hannity. This Happened Instead.

Sean Hannity, that bastion of journalistic ethics, played a 4-minute introduction with apocalyptic music accusing President Obama of ruining everything. It was cleverly edited to blame him for the sequestration mess, which everyone compromised on when the "fiscal cliff" was the financial apocalypse of the moment. Right after that clip was shown, he invited Congressman Keith Ellison on his show to ask him why Obama hates America. Ellison had had enough and said what we're all thinking. 

So remember, Sean Hannity played an apocalyptic Obama attack video right before this. 

  • At 0:26, Congressman Ellison goes ahead and gets to the point.
  • At 1:09, I have to fact-check Congressman Ellison. Sean Hannity was never a journalist.
  • At 1:51, Sean requests that the congressman keep talking. The representative honors that request by spouting out facts, as if Sean will listen to them.
  • At 2:52, it starts getting a little childish and inane. You can skip ahead to 4:09 to hear another actual question.
  • At 5:01, Congressman Ellison offers an actual solution to some things.
  • At 5:27, Congressman Ellison calls Sean out some more.
  • Lastly, at 6:05 we learn that Congressman Ellison probably won't be returning as a guest.

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