A Kid Says She'll Remember This Teacher When She's 75. I Think I Will Too, And I Never Had Him.

Every once in a while, a kid gets a teacher who connects with them and doesn’t just make them a better learner, but a better person in the world. This is one of those teachers. And if his presence in the classroom isn't awesome enough, just wait until 3:50 when you find out what he's like at home.

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Test question alert. Test question alert. Note from the big giant head.

I don't fall asleep in this class, I just don't. And it's weird because I can remember falling asleep in every other class.

I've never had a teacher like him - at all.

Calculus every day, I'd pass out.

He's probably one of the teachers, like probably when I'm 75 years old that I'll still remember.

I would like fall asleep in there all the time.

He's the epitomy of what I think a teacher should be.

Okay. Go ahead and go get that potato for me, please.

Mr. Wright has the key to the city. Yeah.

I just tend to fall asleep a lot. It's a bad thing, but I do. But this class just keeps me interested, so there's no room for napping, because you're learning.

It's smoking.

This guy's just crazy, he's just exploding with fun.

I don't know. You just see a huge fire ball burn in my hand and go up to the ceiling. I'm not going to have any kids sleeping, and every one of those people are out there asking how. How? How? How? As soon as you get the kid asking how or why, I can rope them in and get that intrigue going. It's a love of learning.

He said, "I could care less about Newton's Third Law. I want to teach something for you to take outside of school." That's what he's told us before, so... It makes me feel like he really cares about me and I know he does. That he is a good man and he wants to go out of his way for you.

Any last words? Do you love us?

More than you know. Hang on.

Three, two, one.

Thank you.

Schools have them for six hours a day, and then the kids go home, and whatever atmosphere they have around for the other 18 affects them. And so, schools can change a lot, but we also have to realize that they go home to a completely different environment.

I think he could tell with me, that I had stuff going on, so he like kind of reached out to me at first. At first I was like, dude, like you're a teacher. Like, I'm not going to talk to you. But I did.

What I went home to when I was young is very different than what some of these kids go home to, where they don't have a mom and dad. Or some of these kids, I hear them talk about it all the time, they hear gunshots at night. Well, I'd have a hard time sleeping or studying if I'm hearing gunshots outside the room.

I've pretty much been on my own since I was like 15. So, yeah, I talk to him about a lot of stuff, like at home and stuff, and he works with me.

I mean I've had everything from Mr. Wright, we're pregnant to I've had an abortion, to I've ran away and here's what I'm saying. My father is beating me and here's pictures of the holes in the walls, and you can see where the makeup is trying to cover up bruises. I mean it's, yeah, it's just very different than from what some of the rest of us are. That's why one size fits all doesn't work.

You have a good day?

Yeah, I had a good day. More cookie? A mommy cookie? A brownie? Let's go home and see if mom made some. She said she was going to make some, but I don't know if she ever did.

Abby is perfect in every way. Actually she's 15, not 14. She's 15 going on 25. She is you know one of these people who can't stand her dad because he's stupid, and a little bit nuts, and so forth, and I love her to death. When Adam came along though, we didn't think it was going to be a boy, and all of a sudden a boy pops out and I'm thinking wow, this is cool, now I got a girl and a boy. Not that I really cared, but, you get all the dreams of wow, I'm going to be going to football games, I'm going to be going to baseball games, and if they're not any good at sports like I am we're going to be going to plays or something like that. Whatever it be, yeah, I'm going to be there for my little buddy, okay.

Now we have to give her our address.

Oh, so, what is our address in Spanish? Uno, uno, dos so, dos su...

Abby: What the heck? No.

Mr. Wright: Well anyway, the nurse comes out and says, this is your boy and when I get ready to hold him she says we've got to take him back. And I'm thinking, what's going on. She said, he's breathing really, really fast. He was breathing 180 times a minute. That's about three times a second. Still to this day he breaths about 60 times a minute, and that's once a second. Think about breathing that fast. You'd get pretty tired after all, wouldn't you.

You get all your homework done?


Yeah, yeah. Can you breath a little better now Adam? Did that help? Did that help right there? You got a good head of hair.

Does he like music?

He loves music. How do you feel about music?

Come on, that wasn't it. That was signing time. How do you sign music? Okay. That's music?

When then found out he was completely blind. He was born with something called Joubert's syndrome. Only 417 people in the whole world have it, and what it is is it's an autosomal recessive disorder where my wife has to have a gene, and I have to have a gene that puts us together and it causes this to happen.

So I have a completely intelligent little boy, but he can't control what his body does, even though his body is completely functional. You know the fact right now that your butt's on that chair. Your butt tells your brain which way up is. His brain doesn't do that. So the mere fact that you can sit down and sit up is a miracle.

Let's go. All right pal. That's it, keep going. He is extremely self-abusive. For instance, if he gets scared or if he gets upset, he will just start taking his fist and start pounding his face as much as possible. If he wakes up and he gets scared and I'm not there, he'll roll out of bed and just start pounding his face on the floor. He'll constantly take his legs and just pound them on his wheelchair until its all bruised and bloody. So when I started getting a wrap on what all this was about, all those dreams of ever watching my son knock a home run over the fence went away. And talk about getting pissed at God. I was pissed. Because you know the whole thing about where the universe came from, I didn't care. What I care about is why. I mean you can pick on me all you want, but when you pick on my little boy, that's wrong. A totally innocent little baby and you making him do that. I started asking myself what was the point of it.

So as we went through all of this, it was Abby that sort of taught me why. One day I went to her room and she had Adam in the middle of all her dolls. And I'm thinking, what are you doing? She went, playing with my little brother. I'm thinking, he doesn't know how to play. And she said, Adam... She said I handed him a doll or something and he just smacked it. And I'm thinking, wait a minute, if he can smack that, he can see. When did you find out he can see? She said, I don't know, he just started smacking dolls. I'm thinking, holy mackerel. And so then we started working with him and trying to teach him a little sign language, and there was nothing more incredible than the day you see this. What's that mean? Daddy I love you. It's so cool. That's when I knew I didn't care about how things work anymore. It's the reason why things work it's because of the love. So there is something a lot greater than energy, there's something a lot greater than entropy, its the fact that, what's the greatest thing?


Love. That's what makes it all... The why we exist. So in that great big universe that we have with all those stars, who cares. Well, somebody cares about you a lot. And it's why you care about each other, that's where we go from here.

You okay? I was worried about you yesterday.

You didn't say juice, you said play, right? What do you want to play? [laughter] Pull up, pull up, use those abs. Use those abs. Use those abs. All right, so much for doing therapy right. All right, ready? Help me carry you. That's what I thought. What are you grabbing for? I'm the one having to pick up the load.

And he pulled the dirty old rag from his pocket and threw it up in the air and the raven swooped down and grabbed the rag in his beak. "Good boy [Forrest Suave], now give it back." "No Jack, you're supposed to return it to me," but he could not get the raven's attention. In total frustration...

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I love that The New York Times did this feature on Mr. Wright, and I think we can all agree: He rocks. But there are a lot of amazing teachers out there. Did you have one? If so, you should share this video and give a shoutout to a teacher who inspired you the way Mr. Wright inspires his students. We need more positive vibes out there on the Internet!

Aug 27, 2014

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