A Gay Main Character In A Science Fiction Movie Shouldn't Be Such A Big Deal, But They're SO Rare

If a character in a science fiction movie falls in love, it's almost always with a certain archetype. Han Solo and Princess Leia, Lois Lane and Clark Kent, and hey — even Ann Darrow and King Kong had some chemistry.

With so many types of love in the world, it's troubling that a genre like science fiction would ignore the laws of humanity, too. It's a good thing something movies like these come along.

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Narrator: I talk to you today not as your president, but as a father. Reports have confirmed another storm destroying much of what's left. The evacuation will hurt more than many can bear, but letting the children go is our only hope.

As our world changes we have been forced to question what it means to be human. Our purpose is and always has been to survive. It's why we build families. But what do we survive for? Is it love and being loved? That sense of touch, that act of kindness? Or, is it faith that our children will do better because we remember the dreams we had when we were young?

We're only made of stars, flaming with what we can remember.

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Original movie directed by Mike Buonaiuto, who put together the behind-the-scenes video as well. For more on "Credence," check out the movie website.

Jul 30, 2014

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