A Dozen Muslim Women Made A Music Video For A Jay-Z Song. Why Was It So Controversial?

The dominant narrative in American media often reduces Muslim women — particularly those who wear hijab — to voiceless subjects of oppression. So it's refreshing to take a break from one-dimensional characterizations and see Muslim women portrayed by, you know, actual Muslim women for a change.

This music video caused quite a stir when it was first released. Can you figure out why? Go ahead and take a look, then check out the links below.

I won't try to capture the whole discussion in my own words, but this video has elevated some important conversations. Here are a couple of pieces that are worth checking out.

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"Somewhere in America" by Jay-Z

Shout out to old Jews and old rules

New blacks with new stacks

I already been the king

Retro act, I'm just bringing it back like Jordan Packs

New money, they looking down on me

Blue bloods they trying to clown on me

You can turn up your nose high society

Never gone turn down the homie

Knock knock I'm at your neighbor house

Straight cash I bought ya neighbor out

You should come to the housewarming

Come and see what your new neighbor 'bout (SKIRRRRR!)

Yellow Lambo in the driveway

A buck thirty-five, I'm on the highway

Frank Sinatra on my Sonos

Loud as f***, I did it my way

A million sold before the album dropped

White Lexus before I had a deal

Ask Bun B about me

This ain't no snap back, a n**** been trill

By the way, f*** your math

You ain't gotta count it my n**** I can add

1 million, 2 million, 3 million, 20 million

Oh, I'm so good at math

Might crash ya Internet

And I ain't even into that

When I was talking Instagram

Last thing you wanted was your picture snapped

Feds still lurking

They see I'm still putting work in

Cause somewhere in America

Miley Cyrus is still twerkin'

Twerk, twerk (Miley, Miley)

Only in America

There may be small errors in this transcript.

This video was produced by Sheikh & Bake Productions. The transcript came from Rap Genius. If you want to follow news and updates from the Mipsterz (that's Muslim hipsters) community, follow them on Facebook.

May 05, 2014

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