A Big Reason History Class Should Be Taught Alongside Empathy Class In School

This performance by Hareth Andrade is a distinct reminder of what everyone in America right now is fighting for.

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If you want to put us behind bars,

you have done so already, countless times.

If you would like to see us suffer perpetual remorse,

look into our mother's eyes.

If security is what you seek,

don't forget those years ago that you beckoned

and welcomed to meet.

For we have not overstayed our welcome.

Rather -- grew your crops,

cleaned your land, took care of your children,

ran your businesses, fixed your computers

prescribed your medicine, paid your taxes,

blah, blah...

Not maliciously, but as a friend.

As a neighbor.

As an act of love for this land.

and for the most precious miracle in the world: family.

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Original poem by Hareth Andrade. Animated by FWD.us. Thumbnail image via Thinkstock.

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Joseph Lamour

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